Has your world changed recently?

Is your partner or parent who did all the cooking no longer “available” and shock, horror you have to cook in a kitchen for yourself? If you don’t have a clue about cooking but need to know where to start and what to do (as well as what not to do) you are in the right place.

Do you have any of these questions?

  • Where do I even start with my “inherited” kitchen and everything in it?
  • Which recipes for one should I cook first to build up my very limited (zero?) knowledge in really simple steps?
  • What are the top 20 kitchen tools that I need and why?
  • Where can I get lots of little tips like – do I need to prick sausages? (You don’t)
  • How do I escape from boring supermarket ready meals and take-aways?

Welcome to My Inherited Kitchen

Everything here is designed to answer these questions and help make cooking for one easy. It’s been created by someone who’s had the same experience as you.  Having to move from non-cook to cook.  That’s why My Inherited Kitchen focuses on the basics. You won’t find any vague chefy terms and measurements or presumed levels of knowledge and it definitely won’t help you get on MasterChef.  However, it will give you the information, tips and recipes that you need to painlessly escape from ready meals and take aways.

Even with zero knowledge  you can be cooking with confidence very quickly using the simple step by step recipe sheets with detailed guideline timings. The recipe sheets even list the kitchen tools that you’ll need.

It also answers questions like these

Why not Start here, particularly if it’s an emergency and you have just inherited a kitchen, (even if it’s just for a short time), and you’re feeling a bit bewildered. It answers the most important question. NOW WHAT?

The link at the end of each page connects you to the next most relevant area of the My Inherited Kitchen site so you don’t miss anything.

So just dive in and look at anything that might be helpful or simply fun to read. Please send me any comments or questions and especially corrections to help build and develop myinheritedkitchen.co.uk for non cooks everywhere.   

Have fun cooking.   Start here