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Month: January 2017


Can you dice an onion?

As quite a few recipes ask for diced onion I thought that I’d have to give it a try. It looks easy when the TV chefs dice while talking so it can’t be that hard. Or can it? In spite of some help from Google and YouTube things were still messy with odd bits onion everywhere and it didn’t look at all like the results from the TV chefs. Since I’d tried everything else the only other thing to do was to blame the tools that I was using. So I went out to buy a new knife.

An onion success

Every time that a recipe calls for diced onions I can now add perfectly diced onions. This is because on the way back from buying the new knife I went into Waitrose to buy some frozen vegetables. It was then that I saw the real My Inherited Kitchen style of solution – frozen diced onions.  They are great. Add as much or as little as you need without having to perform surgery on a whole onion. I’m sure that I’ll find another use for the knife.


Kitchen foil

Foil shiny side up or down?

Having managed (not on the first attempt) to tear off the right amount of kitchen foil I faced the big question. Does the shiny side go on top or underneath?  Whenever I see  people with sandwiches the shiny side always seems to be on the outside but is it the same when using the foil for cooking?

The obvious place to look is on the box. As you may know already it doesn’t say anything at all, so I asked three friends and got three different answers.  Not exactly helpful. When I found the answer though I discovered than none of my friends were doing it “wrong” because – it doesn’t matter.  Both sides have the same properties. The only reason that one side is dull and the other is shiny is the production process for making the foil.

So problem solved?

Yes but that’s not quite the end of the story. I’ve discovered that there are some types of foil that have a non stick coating and before you ask it’s on the dull side.

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