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Month: July 2017

Rustic kitchen table

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How to zest a lemon and why bother?

I always thought that the best part of fruit was on the inside and that other than for marmalade the skin was just thrown away.  So, whenever I saw a recipe that included “the zest of a lemon” I imagined that it was either for presentation or just lemon juice.

Recently a recipe that featured the “zest of a lemon” was recommended to me, so for the My Inherited Kitchen community I decided to see if I was right.  As in so many of my preconceptions about cooking I was wrong.  It made a big difference. Try it yourself with our Leek and Bacon Risotto recipe.

How do you zest a lemon?

The zest is the thin layer of yellow around a lemon. It is not the white bit underneath which tastes bitter. Therefore you have to find a way of just shaving off the bits that do taste good. You can either use a citrus zester or a microplane.

citrus zester microplane zesterWith both devices just rub them across the lemon and collect the slivers of lemon on a plate. Typically you will need about a teaspoonful in most recipes although they rarely state how much.

The most important thing to do before zesting a lemon is to make sure that it is throughly washed. You should also avoid buying lemons that are waxed to keep them looking good. Wax does not taste nice.


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