Anyone can boil potatoes. All you do is boil some water in a pan and put the peeled and cut potatoes into the hot water. The potatoes then splash into the water burning your fingers and making the hob messy. No wonder some people who treasure their fingers avoid boiling potatoes.

Is there a better way?

The recipes I’d read just said put the potatoes into boiling water. So I just followed instructions. Now I’ve discovered what other cooks do to avoid burning their fingers and making a mess of the the hob. They put the potatoes into the water before boiling the water. No more burned fingers and only using the right amount of water needed to cover the potatoes means less splashing while cooking.  Once the water is boiling just turn it down to simmer for 20 minutes or until the potatoes start to soften.

Does this work for pasta?

No. Nice idea though. One alternative to reducing the risk of splashing boiling water is to only use the amount of water specified in the My Inherited Kitchen recipes. The other way is to put the pasta into a measuring jug and pour it into the water just a centimetre or two above the boiling water.

If you know of any other less finger burning methods please let me know.