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Roast chicken breast

Roast chicken breast – my favourite

roast chicken breastThis was one of the first recipes that I created and it started out as an American recipe for 6 people. Needless to say like all of my recipes this version is now a recipe for one person.

Roast chicken breast is still one of my favourites because it tastes great with layers of flavour. The chicken seasoning adds a lot to the layers so try very hard not to skip that stage.

Roast chicken breast recipe

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Fish & Chips – The easiest recipe

Fish & chipsLets start off with something that everyone in the UK should know how to cook. This is a very short and simple recipe with big time gaps between actions. The aim is to make sure that your first experience of cooking using the My Inherited Kitchen recipe sheets is a great success. Every recipe uses the same template recipe sheet.

Fish & chips recipe

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Spaghetti Bolognese – For the hungry who like horseradish

Spaghetti BologneseThis version of Spaghetti Bolognese doesn’t use a jar. I was amazed at how easy it was to create my own sauce and how good it tasted.  The idea of using horseradish sauce came from Sainsbury’s not me, but it does work. Once you have created this dish it’s really easy to try it with different herbs, meats and vegetables to create your very own versions. This is a big meal so no desert needed.

Spaghetti recipe

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Pasta and Meatballs

Pasta and meatballs 

If you have ever heard of Arrabbiata well done. If you can spell it correctly the words genius and Scrabble champion come to mind.  Even though the M&S jar says that it’s for two I use the whole jar because I like it so much. It tastes of tomatoes with a spicy kick.

Pasta and meatballs recipe

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Open Omelette

Open Omelette – a new recipe for dinner

Open Omelette Open Omelette

This recipe will give waves of different flavours if you include all of the herbs. For a vegetarian twist leave out the chorizo and replace it with 80g of frozen onions added with the mixed veg. Please don’t try to fold this omelette because it has a lot of topping and it might break up like mine did on the first attempt.

Open Omelette recipe

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Steak and chips – your days of tough steak are over

Steak and chips Steak and chips

The most important thing about cooking steak is to let it rest after cooking. The result will be a much more tender steak, even with cheaper cuts. Here’s how. Your days of tough steak are over.

Steak and chips recipe

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Red Thai curry chicken

Red Thai Curry Chicken – quicker than a take away can deliver

Red Thai Curry Chicken Red Thai curry chicken

This is a very easy dish that can be cooked in 16 minutes. That’s quicker that the local take away can deliver and your version will taste much better than theirs. The fish sauce and Coriander really give it that extra flavours.

Red Thai Curry Chicken Recipe

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Beef Madras – Hot but not TOO hot and the perfect rice

Beef Madras 

This is a three chilli’s curry which I would not recommend if you aren’t a curry fan. It won’t burn your mouth or anything but it is quite hot so don’t add more garlic or chilli. This curry fan thinks that M&S have got it just right.

Beef Madras recipe

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