When I inherited my kitchen I was so pleased to see an induction hob. A nice smooth glass surface with no fiddly bits to take out or clean. My first attempts at cooking meant that it got very dirty very quickly and very often.  The big question was – how to clean an induction hob. With a cupboard full of various cleaners it should have been easy but none of the products actually said “for induction hobs”.

How to get rid of smears on the induction hob

Over the following weeks I tried glass cleaners, kitchen wipes, general purpose cleaners and almost anything else that was in the cupboard except the brillo pads – although it was tempting. They all managed to get the grease and food marks off but all of them left smears on the glass. Needless to say I suddenly became a very hob proud person and started to looking for the best but also simplest solution.

The solution to clean an induction hob

First wait until the hob is cold then apply just three drops of washing up liquid. Don’t use any more than three drops or it will smear and you will loose faith in my “extensive research”. Now get one sheet of kitchen towel and wet it with warm/hot water. Rub the hob and it will go soapy and get all of the marks off.

Now get another piece of kitchen towel but this time wet it with cold water and rub over the hob to remove all the soapy bits. Finally get a dry sheet of kitchen paper to mop up the remaining water and produce a wonderful smear free finish.  It actually takes less time than it took me to write this paragraph and works most of the time.

Of course if you know a better way please let me know.