Ok, I’ve now learnt that not everyone likes hot curry – so, what are my favourite pasta sauces?

In my last post I compared Madras curry sauce from M&S with the Loyd Grossman Madras. This time I’ve chosen very different favourite pasta sauces from M&S, LG and another company for you to try. (Yes I do like pasta a lot).  As you’ll see a key difference is the percentages of tomatoes in each product.

M&S Arrabbiata pasta sauce

This was one of the first M&S pasta sauces that I tried and it’s still one of my favourite pasta sauces. Lots of tomatoes (86%), carrots and onions but its the red chillies that give it an extra spicy kick. I tend to add a tsp of garlic but you don’t have too. Arrabbiata is featured in the recipe for Pasta and meatballs.

Loyd Grossman tomato & sweet red pepper

Like most LG sauces this one is more chunky than most competitors and most M&S sauces. I don’t know if it’s just psychological but to me chunky sauces seem to give stronger flavours.  The sweet red peppers are 20% of the content which definitely influences the taste and at 54% it contains a third less tomatoes than the M&S Arrabbiata.

Al’Fez Moroccan Meatball sauce

I’ve spotted a lot more Moroccan products in stores lately so I decided to give one a try. I’m pleased that I did. This one is a thick aromatic sauce with only 28% of tomatoes. I think this helps the sauce to bring out what the jar calls authentic Moroccan flavours.  All I can say is that it works me and I’ll be trying some of their other products too.

If you have your own favourite pasta sauces please let me know.