When I first inherited my kitchen duties I thought that a tablespoon was the type of spoon you use to eat while sitting at a table. After a few weeks I discovered that it wasn’t. For some strange reason it’s a spoon that you use to serve at a table. I thought that would be called a serving spoon not a tablespoon, oh well. I’ve also learnt that what I thought was a tablespoon is in fact dessertspoon. Armed with this new information would obviously help me make better meals because I’d be using the right quantities.

Hunt the tablespoon

The next task was to look around my inherited kitchen to see if I could find a serving spoon, sorry tablespoon. I was so pleased when I found two serving/tablespoons. The problem is that they were both different sizes and held different amounts of liquid.  How could this be?

The only explanation I could think of was a plot to make everyone use metric measurements instead of vague old fashioned terms based on spoons that are used for other purposes.  I don’t know who the plotters were (perhaps measuring spoon manufacturers?)  but they succeeded with me. I went out and bought some measuring spoons which can’t be used for anything else other than measuring.

Measuring spoons

If I was doing an Amazon review of them I’d have to say that because they are bowl shaped they are actually easier to use than spoons designed for another purpose. As a result it’s easier to see how much liquid is in the spoon and I definitely spill less messy oil.

Conversion tables

To help you not just with the spoons issue but with other volume, weights, measurements and temperature conversions have a look at the My Inherited Kitchen conversion-tables.