Ingredients quantities

Shopping for your food gets harder when you don’t know how much to buy. The siren call of factory made pizzas and ready made microwave dishes becomes harder to ignore – but for the sake of your waistline you must resist. If you need more incentive you will discover how easy it is to make better tasting food for yourself and it will often cost less too.

Here is something you need to know. There is no minimum charge in supermarkets so if you just want one carrot or one onion that is all you need to buy. Here is a tip. The first time that I spent less than £2 on a shopping trip I got over it by also buying some beer.

Remember that supermarkets usually package their food products for two people or more so try to avoid buying too much and potentially having to throw stuff away. It’s something that you will quickly pick up but do read the labels on products for the amount of people it’s meant to serve although you should still treat it as a guide rather than a set of rules.

All of the My Inherited Kitchen recipes list the amount of ingredients needed so you might find it helpful to take the recipe sheet when you go shopping. To help when you are creating your own recipes I’ve listed typical amounts of each product for a single serving based on my experience. It’s called, rather imaginatively, the how much guide.  It covers ingredients like: frozen peas, chips, spaghetti, rice, olive oil, herbs, beef, potatoes etc. It’s a helpful reference sheet so print it out and put in the recipe folder documents. You can then modify the amounts and add addition products if you wish.

If I’ve missed anything key or you have additional ingredient amounts to add please let me know.

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