More recipes are now available in more places than ever. While potentially a good thing it does make it even more difficult for members of the My Inherited Kitchen community to know which new recipe to select. A bit like choosing which tea to buy in a supermarket – the curse of too much choice.

Based on my somewhat variable experiences here are the My Inherited Kitchen step by step guidelines to help you quickly say yes or no to a new recipe.

  1. Does it have a picture?    If not don’t even try it.  You need something to compare your finished dish to and give you a few hints while you are making it.
  2. Do you like the picture?  If no it may be an automatic reject but you may wish to take into account that not everyone can take good pictures of food.  Needless to say some of my recipe pictures fall into this category.
  3. How long is the list of ingredients?  If it’s more than 20 it is an automatic no. It’s a good indicator of a complex dish for chefs not My Inherited Kitchen fans. As a guide the average My Inherited Kitchen list of ingredients is 8 and the maximum that will fit on my recipe sheet is 14.
  4. Are there more than four ingredients that you have never heard of? If you don’t want to spend your time trying to find out what they are and where you could buy them it’s a definite no.
  5. Is there an ingredient that you don’t like? Why punish yourself?
  6. Do you have the kitchen gadgets needed to make it? It would have to score well on other counts to convince me. Unless of course I was looking for an excuse to buy that kitchen tool anyway. (Warning: It’s very easy to fall into the buy more gadgets trap – as I’ve just demonstrated).
  7. Are they using cooking terms that you don’t understand?  Of course you have to learn about new things but if there is too much cooking code and shorthand – pass. Why make things hard when there are other options.
  8. How many people is the recipe for? This can be the killer question. There are very few recipes for 1 compared to 2, 4 or 6 people. Calculating one sixth of an ingredient is fraught with problems. You have to be good a maths and splitting an egg can be really tricky. The more people that the recipe is created for the greater the likelihood that it just won’t for work one. (This is why every My Inherited Kitchen recipe is just for one person).

Please let me know if you have other suggestions to add to the list for selecting a new recipe.  It would also be good to hear about any sources of good recipes for one in addition to My Inherited Kitchen. Particularly if you had tried it and really like it.