I’ve just spent the weekend with my cousins in Bournemouth soaking up the sun and walking Gill’s Mongolian Bargate. After a couple of great days Florence, our co-host, decided to give me a leaving present. It was a cooked Lamb Shank in a vacum sealed bag.  Of course no instructions on how to cook a Lamb Shank were provided and I’ve never cooked anything in a sealed bag before.

Do NOT try to open the bag

At home on Monday I decided to cook it. Needless to say my first thought was to see how to open the bag. Somehow I resisted the temptation and thought that I’d better check how to open it. I didn’t have to open it.  A large pan of boiling water was the only thing needed. Just put the bag in the boiling water for 30 minutes (45 minutes if frozen) then take it out and let it stand for two minutes before opening the bag. Done. Thanks Florence it was great.

The easy way to cook a lamb shank

I’m now sold on cooking meat in a bag and will try it with other pre packed meats. The only downside is the time it takes to boil a large pan of water. Use a kettle to the boil the water before putting it into the large pan definitely speeds things up.

I will resist the temptation to buy my own vacuum sealing machine which start at about £70 and upwards.