If you’ve had a look at some of the recipes on the My Inherited Kitchen website you may have spotted that quite a few of them use a wok. I am definitely a big fan and I’ve discovered lots of other wok fans in the My Inherited Kitchen community too. They tend fall into two specific categories. Those that have their wok for a long time and those that have a non stick wok.  This was obviously something that I had to find out more about.

Why don’t non stick woks last as long?

The simple answer is that a wok was not designed to be non stick in the first place – but of course you knew that. The problem is that some of the creators of recipes don’t seem to be aware that non stick woks need to treated differently. I’m sure that you have seen cooking instructions that say “heat your dry wok on high” or “make sure the wok is very hot”.

Now this may come as a shock but some manufacturers of non stick woks have a different set of instructions which are sometimes within the terms and conditions of their guarantee. They use phrases such as “never put a wok on the hob without a liquid in it” and “avoid getting the wok too hot”.  For us newbie cooks this can be somewhat confusing.  The choice is don’t buy a non stick wok or just be really careful. I love my non stick wok so I’ve decided to be really careful. Here’s how.

Wok rules

  1. Never put the wok on the hob without a liquid in it.
  2. Use regular olive oil because it takes the heat better than virgin olive oil or better still use groundnut oil.
  3. Raise the heat gradually in steps starting at heat 4
  4. Never use on 9 (the highest setting on my hob)
  5. After cooking always put the wok on an unused cold hob ring or trivit
  6. Never put it in the sink or in water when it is still hot
  7. When it’s cold let it soak in warm water before cleaning it
  8. Never put it in the dish washer
  9. Always clean it with a soft sponge
  10. Tell it how much you appreciate all the nice meals it cooks for you

It’s too early to tell if I’m wasting my time or not but I’ll let you know how well my non stick wok survives.