Have you ever read a recipe that said “when the meat is cooked” and wondered how on earth you know that?  Even Loyd Grossman says it on the side of his jars.

Help is at hand with a meat thermometer which is one of the top 20 tools that I recommend for every kitchen. Just stick the prob into the meat when you put it in the oven. Watch the temperature rise on the large circular dial as the meat cooks and take the meat out when it reaches the right temperature.

However – there are some limitations

What if you can’t see through the window, insert the prob properly or the piece of meat is too small? Having experienced all these things and the thermometer just falling Digital meat thermometerout there had to be a better way.

To find out I spent about £15 and bought an electronic meat thermometer. This works differently. You do not leave the thermometer in the meat. You just insert it when you need to check the meat’s temperature. It gives you the exact answer on a digital screen. It’s much easier, more accurate and you can check different areas of a large piece of meat. The only downside is that you will need to open the oven door to check the temperature.

How do you know when the meat is cooked in a pan on the hob?

The meat thermometer with an analogue dial is useless but the digital readout is perfect. Just insert the prob into almost any size of meat as often as you need.

The big benefit for me is that I’ve stopped overcooking pieces of chicken and beef because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now when Mr Grossman says “when the meat is cooked” I can actually tell when that is. I’m sure that Emma will be pleased to hear that it also works on my steaks.