When I first inherited my kitchen I counted over 100 kitchen tools (excluding cutlery, crockery, tea towels etc). That’s more tools than I have in my shed!  When I checked with friends many of them had well over 100 kitchen tools and one just gave up counting when they exceeded 200 – and they don’t have a big kitchen.

The big question for novice cooks is how many kitchen tools do you REALLY need? The answer is 20.  Unfortunately it’s not just any 20, that would be far too easy. I set out to create a list that was as short as possible but covered everything you needed to prepare 90% of my recipes for one on the website.  Top of the list are:  oven, hob, saucepans and microwave however there are a few surprises such as a rice steamer.  Check out the other 15 kitchen tools and why I chose them at www.MyInheritedkitchen.co.uk/kitchen-tools and see if you agree with me.