My Inherited Kitchen blog is for people who have never cooked before but now find themselves in a position where they have to. For whatever reason. It’s been created to help you escape from supermarket ready meals in easy steps and be able to create simple but great meals for yourself. The connected website has lots of information about cooking, kitchens and recipes to help you survive and succeed. If you have just been thrown in the deep end it’s best for you to start there first.

What will the blog do for me?

The My Inherited Kitchen blog builds on the content on the website with the latest things that I’ve learnt as a newcomer to the world of cooking. The main aim is to cover the things that are too simple for cookery books to cover but which frustrate people like you and I because no one told us about them. For example how to choose a new recipe, does the shiny side of foil go up or down? It you can’t find the answers to questions like this let me know and I’ll try to find the answer for you. I’ll then posts answers as blogs so everyone in the My Inherited Kitchen community can find out too.  Welcome to the community.

You will find the blog on the righthand side of every page under the heading of LATEST NEWS.