Pie, green liquor and mash from Manze. The food treat of my London childhood. So what was it like after all those years? The pies and green liquor were delivered in an ice box and all I had to do was make some mash potatoes. This gave me long enough to reminisce – if it’s possible to do that with pies.

The pies were smaller than I remember but of course so was I. The green liquor was full of parsley and looked the same. So what about the taste? To me everything needed more seasoning and stronger flavours. Most probably the pies are the same but my taste has changed so it seemed a bit bland. I enjoyed the memories it brought back more than the meal but those memories were the most important bit. Then I found out how that I’d got a couple of things wrong.

Christine told me what I was doing wrong

First you must have two pies. My school boy error – no wonder I thought they were small.  You have to turn the pies upside down, cut them open and then put lots of vinegar and pepper on them. Christine accurately describes the result as Yummy.