What are scratch kits?

The best way to describe scratch kits is that they bridge the gap between jars of cooking sauce and buying everything separately.  Basically they make it easier to create better meals – something we all want. On the supermarket shelves they often look like cardboard sleeves about 20cm high and 8cm wide.  At the top is a rivet that holds typically three plastic pouches which usually contain exactly the right amount herbs and spices, a base sauce and a main sauce. All you usually need to add is meat or chicken.

Why are they good?

The main reason is that they have exactly the right amount and mix of herbs and spices for the dish. Typically about 3-6 types. I rarely have more than one of them in my spice cupboard and that’s usually pepper corns. The instructions say what the spices are and what they do. (Why don’t they put this on spice jars?).  An illustration also makes it easy to identify which is which. You can then take out anything that you don’t like or are allergic to. Definitely a clever idea. Even better when the kits typically cost about the same as two jars of spices that you will most probably never use again. Most importantly of all – they taste consistently great.

Are there brands other than Spice Tailor?

I discovered Spice Tailor first but several supermarkets have now started their own brand as have some other sauce companies. Everything that I’ve tried so far has been great and far better than I could ever make. Kit cooking could be the best way to escape from bland ready meals.  Try one and see what you think.