It seems like such a simple question but Google “Should vegetables be kept in the fridge?”and you get 716,000 results. It’s obviously not quite as simple as it appears. Instead of ploughing through 716,000 results I thought that it would be quicker to find out what fridge manufacturers actually called the bottom tray in their fridges. On my not very scientific survey 20% were Salad drawers, 24% Vegetable drawers and Others came in at 5%. The number one result at 51% was a Crisper drawer.  Clever fridge manufacturers keeping out of the debate.

So what is the simple answer? Should vegetables be kept in the fridge?

The answer is yes but with a few exceptions. Apparently potatoes and onions don’t like being with each other and it’s even worse if they are in a fridge together. They both end up getting hurt. Lots of Google results recommend storing potatoes in paper bags in a pantry. Onion are also apparently best stored in the pantry but with space for air to circulate. Ok, hands up who has a pantry? I thought not.

The my inherited kitchen compromise is to keep the onions on the top shelf of the fridge where it is less cold and they are protected by the rarely used products abandoned there. The potatoes are taken out of their plastic bag and put into paper bags in the “Crisper” drawer.  I think that it works but if you have a better idea please add a comment below.