Ok, hands up who has not accidentally cut their finger with a knife in the kitchen. Other than the few smug faces I’m sure that most of us remember the painful and often messy experience quite well.

The two main causes (at least in my case) is lack of knife skills and/or knifes that are not sharp enough.  There is a third cause which is running your finger down the edge of a knife to see if it is sharp.  Definitely not to be recommended.

How to tell if a knife is sharp

You could try slicing a tomato as I suggest on the website but I have now found a better way. First find a bright light source like the sun or a torch. Hold the handle of the knife and tilt the edge of the blade backwards and forwards under the light with a dark background behind the knife. You will quickly see any blunted or burred areas. If you can’t you either have sharp knifes or you need find a magnifying glass and try again.

I’ll cover how to sharpen knives in my next post.