The average kitchen has over 100 tools of various types so you will definitely get more tools than the minimum 20 recommended by My Inherited Kitchen. Here’s something that I’ve found very helpful for the daily grind.

Electric Salt & pepper mills

I must admit that I could never see the value of electric salt and pepper millpepper grinders when I was just an “eater”. Now in the world of My Inherited Kitchen I’ve discovered their big advantage. You only need one hand to operate it while the other hand could be doing something helpful or simply keeping out of the way because it’s sticky and yucky.

I’ve also discovered that most dishes need some type of seasoning which mainly means salt and pepper so they are used in the kitchen every day.

Some people ( Stian was first) have asked why many recipes say “season to taste” when what they really mean is add salt and pepper to taste.  When recipes are not specific us novice cooks could think that other types of seasoning might need be added too.  Potentially confusing. Needless to say none of my recipes use term “season to taste”.