Who does the cooking in your house? According to one magazine less than 8% of couples share the cooking task equally. Yes females tend to do more cooking than males. Unless it’s what one friend described as “hero meals” such as barbecues or special occasions.

While working on MyInheritedKitchen.co.uk I’ve asked many people this simple question. Who does the cooking in your house?  It starts some interesting conversations and uncovers the wide range of ways that different households work together. Why not try asking your friends?

My big surprise

One of my big surprises since launching MyInheritedKitchen.co.uk is the number of mothers who told me that they have got their teenage son’s to use the simple recipes on my website to teach themselves to cook.  Of course I was flattered and wanted to find out more.

It seems that in many household mums find it hard to teach their teenage son’s about cooking. Other than natural teenage reticence the problem is that mum’s tend to be very experienced cooks who also have this natural ability to multi task. Not something males are famous for. Perhaps that’s why the cooking website of a novice male cook is needed.

Mums have employed various technics to interest their sons in cooking. The most commonly used is telling them that girls are attracted to boys who can cook. Type “are girls more attracted to boys who can cook?” into Google and you will see 31,900,000 results,  so boys maybe your mum has a good point.   Time to get started.